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"Choose an ingredient

and make it yours "

My  name is Massimiliano Lembo, I'm in love with Italy and its wonderful flavors and aromas.

Going back in time, closing my eyes, my childhood memories are tied to the smells and fragrances that decorated our home during holidays. The long table always nicely set up, the floured rolling pin, the baking oven, a warm smile.
That's my home: now my restaurant is your home.
Choose an ingredient, an idea, a passion and make them yours.

Innovation meets tradition

If you are looking for a good restaurant after visiting Alba Truffle Exhibition, Barolo, La Morra, Dogliani wineries, or after sightseeing in Mondovi or Vicoforte, not...not far from there, Extro Ristopark restaurant will pamper you with pleasant and cozy atmosphere, far from crowded areas.

Call or whatsapp us to reserve your table.

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